Troubleshooting the plants and increasing the capacity and performance of existing mineral processing plants

Existing plants Audition, Troubleshooting, performance and recovery improvement
Our Engineering team has both operation experiences and plant design experiences, so we know how to operate better and how to find the plant process audition, Troubleshooting, and finding the best ways to improve capacity and recovery by minimum stoppage and cost effects:
– Site visit in a time to identify the problems, doing site audition, checking the equipment performance, and plant process flowsheet and mass balance review
– Identify the plant process bottlenecks
– Checking the plant laboratory facilities to have some process tests in there, finding the optimum process parameters and compare them with existing plant’s parameters
– Finding the best reagent consumption and required changes in type and consumption amounts
– Checking laboratory accuracy and precision
– Checking the operation manual and its defects, completing the manual based on required changes if needed
– Provide solutions in all areas of processing, operational, mechanical, instrumental and electrical disciplines
– Assess the capabilities and skills of the operational team and provide training documents and booklets to the operators for each department
– Estimating operating costs and reporting on cost optimization
– Reduce chemical consumption and electrical power
– Proposals to increase production capacity by the lowest possible cost