Personnel Training for operation and Industrial laboratories

– Operating manual and instructions required for technological type and selected equipment available in the plants
– Main equipment manual and special operation parameters and maintenance instructions to minimize spare parts
– Obtaining optimum parameters for process based on equipment’s capacity to increase equipment lifetime
– Minimizing consumables including chemicals, heat and energy to reduce operation cost as much as possible
– Identify the bottleneck of process and recommendations for increasing capacity by minimum changes in the equipment and piping
– Reagent preparation procedures training including chemicals MSDS
– Training Standard procedures for laboratory analytical methods
– Laboratory supervision including accuracy, precision and procedures review
– Training personnel to work with a variety of laboratory equipment
– Preparation and presentation of repair programs for equipment in the operational process
– Recommendation for laboratory equipment selection based on plant and ore type
– Designing and equipment selection for mineral processing laboratories
– – Training laboratory staff on how to perform tests and extract the required information from the test results