Researching and laboratory test works for new technologies

Researching and laboratory test works for new technologies
Ata’s Process Engineering Group has this ability to conduct research and laboratory studies to develop new methods to process non-common minerals,
Some activities we are doing in this regard:
– Obtaining information about the product specifications required by the client
– Obtaining information about the desired raw material (if any)
– Obtaining the available representative sample (if any)
– Carrying out research from the resources available for the design team (including design references, reputable research resources in the world)
– Designing the required experiments by reputable software are using in world research experiences
– Performing the required tests in reputable research centers
– Reviewing the results and designing and presenting the required data for plant design
– Preparation the flowsheet and mass balance
– Preparation chemicals requirement and consumption
– Select the main equipment required and provide a list of equipment
– Perform basic and detailed engineering if needed